CHEAP Spot Welder DIY (using simple tools)

CHEAP Spot Welder DIY (using simple tools)

Hi. My name is Darek and in this video I'll show you how I made Spot Welder DIY using simple tools.
The main assumption was to make this without special tools.
As you seen, mostly I used a drill and angle grind and the end result came out really cool.

Check some tools I'm using:
Step drill -
Tap and Die Set -


Transformer from the scrapyard - $ 2.00
Welding cable 1 meter - $ 2.00
Connectors - $ 1.00
Aluminum square tubing - $ 4.00
Door hinges - $ 2.00
The rest of the materials I had in the workshop, but if I had to buy them, would not cost more than $ 10.00
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $ 21.00 (my cost $ 11.00)

Welder works really, really well. After a few minutes of work, only the aluminum arms are warm. Thanks to the fact that they are made of aluminum, they quickly give off the heat and the entire transformer and the coils are cold.

Some materials used to build this: - Welding cabel - Connectors Aluminum Tube Square site I work with has great sales now, you can save up to 80% !!!
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