DIY White Concrete Table w/ Live-Edge Maple Inlay (using GFRC mix) - H

DIY White Concrete Table w/ Live-Edge Maple Inlay (using GFRC mix) - How To Make

This episode shows how to make a DIY white glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) table, with an inlaid live-edge spalted maple slab. I got the wood from Ebay for about $10 -- it is thinner than a typical slab for a table top, but all that is necessary for an inlay in concrete (hint: search for taxidermy slabs and you'll find good deals for a project like this). The table top is 14"x14".

A fellow patent attorney made the steel legs for me, so this process isn’t shown in the video. I tried to convince him to film the process, but had no luck. Ben Uyeda over at Homemade-Modern just did a tutorial on steel legs and I recommend checking this out if you want to make your own:

To Make this table you will need:

(1) Bag of Pre-Blended GFRC Mix: http://www.concretecountertopsupply.c...

(1) Bag of AR Glass Fibers:

Recipes to make your own GFRC: http://www.concretecountertopsupply.c...

Cake Fondant Tool for perfect edges:

Hopper Spray Gun:

Quality, but reasonably priced, concrete mixer:

RZ dust mask:

Bosch circular saw that I use:

StoneTeach concrete sealer: I bought a gallon, which is a GREAT deal if you have a lot of projects, but it does come in smaller sizes.

Another concrete sealer I really like:

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