How I Made My Sliding Barn Door | Rustic Modern

How I Made My Sliding Barn Door | Rustic Modern

I made this barn door to solve a problem in my bedroom.

This door is very unique to my space. I made this sliding door because I have a glass door in my bedroom. We were lacking privacy, I installed tint on the window but at night that's no good. I didn't want to install curtains. I like the look of the sliding barn door. So I chose to hide the exterior door with a sliding barn door setup. Problem solved!

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- (1) Barn door kit
- (5)- Southern yellow pine - Local hardware store (HD)
- (2) - 1 by 2 pine - Local hardware store (HD)
- ½ dowels
- 2 aluminum angle stock - Local hardware store (HD)
- Threaded insert
- (2) 1/4 x 20 x 3-inch Flat head screw
- Screws for the Aluminum angle stock

- Line Level
- Stud finder
- Hammer drill
- Miter saw
- 12-inch speed square
- Thickness planer
- Saw house
- Dust mask
- Trim Router
- Plunge router
- Rockler Glue Kit
- Dowel jig
- Rockler clamps
T-Track table top

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