How To Dismantle A Wooden Pallet

How To Dismantle A Wooden Pallet

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Begin by turning the pallet upside down and knocking the chocks (wooden supporting blocks) out. The technique here is to distribute your blows with the lump mallet between the three blocks and gradually knock the section apart. Once you have done this to all three supporting sections place these pieces underneath the main body of the pallet. Using the claw hammer knock the revealed nails through their holes. Try to get all nails out of the wood otherwise you risk damaging your tools when using the pieces for your next project. Knocking nails out of wood is a skill. A skill albeit that you most likely will never write on your CV but one that nonetheless require you to be patient and accurate. Use the lump mallet to rock the nails into shape if they bend. If a nail becomes to malleable cut it in half using pliers or a hacksaw and try knocking it out again. Once those nails are out use the prybar to take strips of wood. In this case as there are seven strips all the odd number strips are released using the even number strips to pivot the prybar. Turn the remaining section over and again on the blocks knock the last strips of wood out.

Be careful when knocking the chokes of their strips to avoid squashing your fingers. Also take care to avoid kneeling or standing on the nails. The nails are ribbed and not for your pleasure. They also have shards of metal attached to them from however they were arranged in a nail gun. Try not to run your fingers along them otherwise you will receive metal splinters along with wooden ones if you decide not to wear work gloves.

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