How to make a plywood Tatami Bed

How to make a plywood Tatami Bed

A Japanese-style bed made of birch hard plywood. These beds are lower than western ones, with the mattress embedded in a wooden frame.
More info and plans:

Where to get some materials and tools used in this project:
Sander and Sandpaper:
Drill Press Stand:
Drill Bits and Router Bits:
Clampling Collar Router:
Band Saw Accessories:
Threaded Inserts and Screws:
Spray Adhesive and Glue:
2 Position ON/OFF Switch/Emergency:
Circular Saw and Accessories:
T-Track and Accessories:
Jig Saw and Accessories:
Drills & Accessories:
Angle Grinder & Accessories:
Lathe Accessories:
Tung, Lineseed Oil & Wax:
Bearings and Accessories:
Saw Disk (CMT):
Varnishes and Spray Lacquer:
Drill Sanding Drums:

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