Magic saw universal multi-purpose genie gadget - a must have tool

Magic saw universal multi-purpose genie gadget - a must have tool

Note :Spray water while cutting glass and bottles for better and faster cutting.
Magic Saw is a multi function handtool with unique design that save storage space and money! this compact pocket size tool you can rely on it to replace many products including hacksaw, coping saw, pruning saw, bow saw, folding saw,jab saw, rip, chain, Japanese, and chain hand saws, bottle, tile, glass, bolt, steel pipe, and plastic pipe cutters, pruning scissor.
Multi purpose magic saw is a handy tool that it should be in every home, garage, workshop, automotive, school, car, garden, factory, and can be used in DIY - do it yourself projects, prototyping, creative sampling, hoppy, model building tasks, construction, carpentry, maintenance, ,repair ,gardening, woodworking, crosscut, dovetailing, decoration, advertising, pruning trees, awesome wood working, handmade box, furniture refurbish and repairing, educational experiments , build R&D projects , reuse bottles with brilliant ideas, awful homemade art & craft works to create coolest ideas , leisure activities, hiking, fishing, survival camping, hunting and can be also used by plumbers, artists, carpenters, smith, craftsmen, handymen builders, hobbyists, house wives, children & all family.
Magic Saw is a useful cutter that can virtually cut any material type, suitable for hard wood (cut in pieces and many shapes) , bamboo, firewood, timber wooden logs with various small and large diameters, tree branches trimming, plywood, MDF, and gypsum boards, melamine, wood squire lumber, parquet, metal rods, profiles, tubes, iron bolts, screws, nails, chains, locks, electric wires, stainless steel, aluminum and copper cables, it also cuts plastics, PVC, vinyl, plumbing drain pipes, and most of rigid materials as glass, mirrors, bottles, clay brick, cement and concrete blocks, ceramic and porcelain tiles, sharpening stones, wallboards panel, drywall boards, honeycomb, rubber, hose, tires, scraps ,ropes, frozen meats, fishes and bones and compilation of this materials.
Magic Saw essential innovative multi blades design makes swapping different blades done in a matter of seconds; they are durable and carefully engineered to make fast clean cuts. magic saw comes with easily replaceable 5 types sharp blade:

- Flat saw blade for cutting large straight surfaces

- Fine coping saw blade with sharpened teeth tips specialized for hard steel, stainless steel.

- Rough coping saw blade made of high durability carbon carbide used for wood, plastics, soft metals, diamond blade, for glass, tiles, and stones,

- Roller cutting blade superior for cutting flat glass, mirrors and ceramics ,

thanks for the perfect ergonomic non slip new handle that support good cutting with minimal power and effort .

You may need variety of fixings accessories like vise, table, bench, sawhorse or any fixing kinds of tools to make the sawing process more easy too.

Magic saw by Amazing Tools is the only authentic original Korean magic saw brand on (Amazon USA) that you can buy now with best sale price offer; it is a Korean made product with several registered patents worldwide. magic saw is a top quality portable mini universal multi-purpose saw kit, which makes your cutting experience enjoyable efficient with fastest speed possible in comparison to other hand cutting products, it comes with user manual (guide) that show beginners and expert users the basics and the simple techniques & tips that help to use the Magic Saw in any kind of hand cuts and sawing, Magic saw also has a built-in 7-sizes glass plier to be used after rolling the glass with glass roller. the ergonomically designed grip resists slipping and makes cutting experience comfortable and easy, Magic Saw is also recommend as a Fathers day and birthday perfect gift for friend, brother and dad.

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