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You want to be like Matt Cremona, but you don’t have a proper woodworking bench... NO PROBLEM!! If you don't know what a Matt Cremona is, find out here -

I decided to finally add a proper woodworking vise to my arsenal of tools. I choose a Moxon Vise for it versatility and relatively low cost.

I picked up a kit for this vise from Benchcrafted and for what you get, the price was acceptable. The downside to living in Canada is that sometimes tracking down hardware at a reasonable price can be challenging.

Since I expect this vise to be with me a long time, I didn't hold back on materials. I went with a wooden Oreo of Walnut and Beech wood. Instead of just having two jaws for clamping, I added a small table to the back of the fixed jaw. It gives me a nice square surface to reference off of when laying out dovetails and other joints. The table also adds stability.

Once the vise was assembled, I gave it two coats of Tung Oil before assembling it and testing it out by cutting some dovetails. 8:1 Katz-Moses Magnetic Dovetail Jig that can be found here. If you're a little intimidated by dovetails, I strongly recommend you pick this little guy up.

If you'd like to watch a perfect how to video on making a vise like this check out Sean's build video -

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