Off Grid Cabin: A Visitor, a New Door and Wood Floor

Off Grid Cabin: A Visitor, a New Door and Wood Floor

My wife makes an appearance at the cabin, experiencing true Canadian winter with a warm fire inside and deep snow and frigid temperatures outside. Left on my own for the following few days, I change the door for a better one and I finish the wood plank flooring, the perfect compliment to the stone floor and all very appropriate for a log cabin in the forest. The challenges of living off grid in a tiny house are becoming apparent, as temperatures as low as -32C (-26F) with windchill freeze the waterways and dump a couple of feet of snow in the bush.
The video starts with my wife and Cali helping me remove snow and install a new custom branded fire pit and branded iron sign gifted to me by Kyle at Iron Arts in Barrie Ontario In the following days, I discover how warm I can keep the cabin in this cold weather despite the chinking not being completely done and a few gaps left unsealed.
I show a few of the meals that I'm cooking on the wood stove, including grilled cheese sandwich, Thai tom yum soup and wild goose confit with rice and kimchi, fermented cabbage.
Living off grid with no electricity or fuel other than wood makes it difficult to store food. I finish making the ice box in the floor to keep food from freezing or from spoiling when the cabin is heated.
The bears are hibernating and the deer have moved to their winter deer yards a few miles away, so there isn't as much wildlife around. Blue jays, ravens and squirrels keep me company, but that's about it.

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