Top 20 Most AMAZING Cross Sections That Will Blow Your Mind!

Top 20 Most AMAZING Cross Sections That Will Blow Your Mind!

Have you ever wondered whats inside everyday things like bullets, bowling balls and aloe Vera These amazing pictures of things cut in half to show their cross sections will blow your mind!
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Be Amazed at these Top 20 Amazing Cross sections showing what's inside Items Will Blow Your Mind! Golf balls - White and pitted on the outside - we all know what texture features on golf ball’s exteriors. Bowling balls. If golf balls are planets then this ball is the Sun! Cutting open a big old bowling bowl reveals a hard core of weighty resin or different shaped weights which affect the way the bowling ball travels. Bullets are formed from many components - they're pieces of precision engineering as they need to fly true to their trajectory and most importantly, fire in the first place and not backfire or jam. Aloe Vera. It has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Camera lens. More mechanical intricacy, this cross section reveals that a camera lens is an astoundingly complex bit of kit that comprises of many interlinked lenses that move in tandem in order to focus light onto a camera's film or digital sensor. Shell. A cross section, the wonderful patterns are revealed in all their beauty. Jawbreaker. They're rock solid and have a rocky, banded interior, where the multicoloured layers of sugar stack up to form these mammoth sized sweets. Pot noodle. A small little device, Zippos have been around for ages and have a classic look when you take their interior in a cross section. Tortoise Skeleton - Want to really behold nature's complexity and beauty The logical way is to go and cut a tortoise skeleton in half, of course!

Stem - This time we have a microscopic cross section - incredibly detailed and colourful. It reveals the complexity of a plant stem, the main component of a plant which supports it and brings nutrients up from the ground. Plane - It's not just small things that humans have cut in half. Key and lock - An everyday item that we never see the inside of, a lock and key is a surprisingly complex bit of engineering. We take them for granted, but they do so much work for us, securing our houses day and night, our cars, our school lockers and our luggage, but how do they work Toothpaste - Ever wonder how the stripes in your toothpaste don't get mashed up The cross sections reveal all. Cruise Ship - Ships are sometimes lengthened by cutting them in half and adding a cross-section into the middle of the boat and then they're of course, welded back up to be watertight and strong. Grey Owl - Owls look like big birds, their feather are very thick and densely layered and they have big, round heads with big eyes. Gas Station - Fireworks - Fireworks are just primitively built explosives but they do feature a host of chambers that are filled with different chemicals which produce different colour explosions. A fuse delays the take-off long enough to get away from the firework and then it's propelled into the air. Grenade - Precision engineered to work reliably, just the way you need them to, a grenade is formed from many mechanical components, exposed by its cross section. Visa cards - Something that is well and truly taken for granted - until you run out of money and really appreciate the power this small card has over you!

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