Be Amazed at these inventions that will change the world! Copy & Paste - Copy and paste is undoubtedly one of the most useful functions available to us as computer users, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to apply the same principle to real life Synthetic Blood - With significant shortages of transfusable blood stocks on the horizon, many organisations such as the US Military have realised the need for artificial blood. Food Scanners - Primarily aimed at food retailers, Tellspec have developed a scanner which can non-destructively analyse the quality and ripeness of fresh fruit in less than 15 seconds. Cocotto - Cocotto is a social robot designed to help raise children.
Prosthetics with a sense of touch - Scientists in Rome made the news this year when details were released of the first bionic hand with a sense of touch, which could be used outside of a laboratory. Health monitoring contact lenses - Some people choose to wear contact lenses for cosmetic purposes, but they could soon have significant health benefits as well. 3D printed food - One of the biggest innovations of the past few years is undoubtedly the 3D printer. Electronic price tags - If you’ve heard about the physical Amazon store in Seattle, you may already be aware of electronic price tags. Roller guard rails - First proposed by Australian company KSI Ltd in 2014 and now in development in Korea by ETI Ltd, the Roller Rail is intended for use in place of the standard metal guard rail. Invisible bike helmet - Developed by two Swedish students in 2005, the invisible bike helmet, or Hovdring, is every cyclist’s best friend.