There is something special about being up in the trees. Hearing the breeze moving towards you in the distance and then feeling the subtle sway of the whole structure as the winds brush the needles of the towering pines.

The “C” fort was designed to be a biodegradable structure. Even though it was built on private lands, like most tree forts, one day, it will probably be forgotten about. The goal was that when those years fall upon the “C” fort that no glass or metal will be left behind to pollute this beautiful forest.

With the objective to reduce the impact on the trees as much as possible, this tree fort can also be completely disassembled and reassembled with no tools in less then 20min. (About 10minutes each way.) This is important so that when the tree fort is not being used for long periods of time it can be dismantled to have even less impact on the trees as they grow. The design will allow for the trees to increase in size without affecting the structure.

The collaboration with Carolina was an incredible experience. They had sent my dad and I each a pair of boots to test last summer. My dad who has been wearing work boots for over 40 years said they were the best boots he has ever had, so that was enough of an endorsement for me to accept my first paid sponsored YouTube video. What a sweet deal. I got paid to build a tree fort and make a video. Dreams do come true.

My hope for this project is that it will inspire others to expand their creativity, create with their own hands, and build the experiences they want to live for themselves.

I'm wearing the Elm Logger Boot (CA9821)

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