20 Genius Products You Need For Your Backyard

20 Genius Products You Need For Your Backyard

Summer is almost here, here are 20 Genius Products You Need For Your Backyard. Between BBQing and swimming you will want everything!

#10 - Portable Shower
If you regularly need to rinse off outside, for whatever reason, you may want to invest in this Portable Anti-Gravity Shower. The disk sets up where you want, and the contraption is designed with 16 jets and multiple settings for you to have a one of a kind outdoor shower experience during the hot summer months.

#9 - Window Mount Bird Feeder
If bird watching is your thing or you have little kids that love the outdoors, you should think about getting this bird feeder. Not only are you feeding the birds and giving them a reason to come closer, now you can see them up close and personal in this contraption. It installs in the lower portion of your window, and the see-through container gives you the closest and safest view of the birds in your neighborhood all year round.

#8 - Theraspa Inflatable Portable Hot Tub
Nothing is better than relaxing in a hot tub after a long day’s work. Now you and three of your closest friends can spend the nights lounging away in this inflatable hot tub. Don’t feel like staying at your house, but you don’t want to leave the luxury of your spa It’s portable so you can bring it from house to house if you wish, though filling and refilling the water would probably be a pain. You can find this version on Overstock.com for under $1,000.

#7 - The Inflatable Lawn Tent
This is what summer showers were made for. Could you imagine sitting in here all cozy with some tea and a good book Now try imagining that it’s raining. So, not only does it sound magical, but you get a unique view from your position inside the tent with the water cascading down all sides. It is super simple to use, blow it up, throw some furniture in there and you are ready to chill.

#6 - The BioLite Camp Stove
Not only is this nifty device a camping stove to huddle around when it gets cold, but it also a cell phone charger that gets its power from the burning biomass the camp stove creates. Also, if you ever go camping or hiking, the camp stove is lightweight and super portable and would make an excellent safety and survival tool. You can get your today for just over $100 at Amazon.com.

#5 - Bear Claw Leaf Scoops
Any type of yard work is tedious and dull, but scooping the trillion leaves off the ground has to be one of the worst. Unfortunately, unless you remove all of the trees from your yard and your neighbors’, the leaves will come, and they will pile up. Make your life easier and get these Bear Claw Leaf Scoops, they fit comfortably on each hand and lets you pick up six times the amount of leaves that you would normally be able to. Plus, they’re only $15 which is a great bargain.

#4 - Wall Mounted Grill
Spring and summer BBQs are the best. Swimming, music, good company, and even better food. These are the events that create great memories. Now you can throw your own shin ding even if you are limited to a small space with this wall mounted grill. It is small but does the job when you need something grilled, and when you aren’t using it, it folds up and remains a small circular disk until you use it next.

#3 - Inflatable Outdoor Twister
Twister is a fabulous game in its own right and often leaves the players out of breath from so much laughter. Believe it or not; the game just got better. Same rules, same game, just now you can play outdoors on a giant inflatable Twister mat! Definitely the next game you should be dragging out during family game night, and the next family reunion will be the talk of the town.

#2 - The Robotic Lawn Mower
Cutters of the grass rejoice! No more will you have to push or ride the lawn mower around and around your front and back yards to make sure your house looks nice and tidy. The WORX Landroid has come to the rescue being a robot that cuts all of the grass in your yards without you having to lift a finger. The weekend is your time, so buy this today and take your time back.

#1 - Swimming Pool Bumper Cars
Yes, you heard that right, working bumper cars for your swimming pool. What a fun addition to your summer fun, and since the car fits adults too, you don’t have to have kids to enjoy this pool toy. Go out and get yours today and I’ll meet you out there on the race track.

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