20 Trees DEVOURING Things


20 Trees DEVOURING Things

20. This hunk of metal is called a Czech hedgehog which was an anti tank obstacles designed to stop tanks in their tracks. They are made from metal angle beams or I-beams and are designed to function just the same standing upright or blown over sideways by an explosion. This tree is all about peace and not war, and is taking this hedgehog back to nature.

19. Not only is this tree taking this fence hostage, growing right through it, a freaky face has emerged on the other side. Chilling to say the least.

18. This tree isn’t a fan of having this giant cable around and decided to eat it for breakfast. Amazing how you can see where the tree grew over the chain going all the way around the tree.

17. Every tree needs a good drink. Straw’s ready where’s my margarita

16. At first glance it looks like this broken pop bottle looks like it’s stuck to the tree but upon further inspection, the tree in fact grew through the nozzle. Goes to show you how strong these soda bottle nozzles really are!

15. Bartram Trail’s sign isn’t doing such a good job guiding hikers these days. Sign got eaten up by this hungry tree. Amazing how half the sign is inside the trunk and it doesn’t seem to affect the tree one bit.

14. Once in a while trees do get the desire to chow down on some street concrete. This tree has no problem taking this piece as it’s lunch time meal. I wonder how long it’ll take for the tree to break down that piece of concrete

13. Trees can really grow across, around and through anything. Here we have a tree that has consumed a barb wire fence. Ironically the tree has created 2 convenient steps now to jump this fence.

12. Upgrading to a much larger fence this tree had no issue growing right through this fence consuming 2 rungs in the process. Ya farmers not getting that fence back.

11. Here we have one tree trying to eat the other or maybe they are just trying to combine to make one super tree. Nature is weird, really weird.

10. This looks like an optical illusion but it isn’t. The fence isn’t bent the tree just simply grew right through this chain link fence. Impressive nature, impressive.

9. This bulldozer have definitely seen better days but it looks like these trees have teamed up to claim this machinery as their own. Realistically the bulldozer is probably keep the roots of the tree warmer allowing it to grow faster.
8. Not the nicest graveyard out there and it looks like this tree things this tombstone would look better under it’s roots. It’s a little bazaar someone would plant a tree so close to a couple of graves. Why are there only 2 graves here, seems like there is a deeper story here.

7. It’s bathtime but you know there are an army of bugs and slugs in that pile of leaves. This tree has claimed this tub and isn’t giving it back!

6. This grumpy faced tree doesn’t look so happy about claiming this garden hose for the forest. Upon closer inspection you can see there is a cable that is inside the garden hose that is coming out of his nose. This tree gets more bizarre by the second.

5. If you were planning on reading this sign, well you’re out of luck. Maybe ask someone who lives in the area who’s at least 50 years old and they might be able to tell you. Give this tree 20 more years and there won’t be any indication of a sign ever being here.

4. Believe it or not this was a tree stand. You know a ladder with a seat at the top mounted to a tree. This tree wasn’t having any of that and gobbled this stand right up.

3. Forget tying a rope around a tree this rope is tied through the tree but without a single hole being drilled. Amazing how the rope is dead center is the thick part of the tree, that rope must have been there since this tree was very small.

2. If you’re looking for a creative use of Christmas lights, this would be it. Sadly I don’t think if you plugged them in, they’d work anymore. Give this tree 50 more years and these lights will be gone completely.

1. If you leave your car parked under a tree for too long, the tree will claim and and not give it back. In this case 3 trees have teamed up to devour this car, what’s most shocking about this is the fact that there isn’t any shattered glass and everything more or less isn’t horribly warped at least from the trees. They grow so slow that they are almost preserving the shape of the car and it’s parts slowly that nothing gets broken. Basically trees are nature’s time capsules.


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