​What you need to know when going camping

Going camping with friends or family is such an amazing experience. You get to experience nature in such a way that it gives you a whole new outlook on life. You appreciate the more primitive side of our nature and you get to be more creative and inventive in order to work with what you have. That is why we created this video. We wanted to share with you some amazing camping hacks that will completely change your outlook on how to use everyday materials in different ways.

- If you are in a situation where you are going swimming and you'd like to take your underwear off without removing your pants, we show you how you can easily do that simply by sewing a pair of bikini clips or snap hooks to your underwear.
- Camping and hiking go together, and it goes without saying that us ladies tend to sweat under our chest. So, in order to prevent a sweaty shirt and unpleasant smells while you are on your hiking trail, you can add a pair of pads on the inside of your bras in order to absorb the sweat.
- In order to prevent losing your keys when you are going for a run, you can attach them to your shoelaces, secure them underneath and then tie your shoes. This will keep them in place and you won't have to worry about carrying a bag to have them on.
- We all tend to forget some necessities sometimes, it's in our nature, that is when you need to be more inventive. In case you forgot your dinnerwear you can create your own using kitchen foil. You can ever create drinking cups as well.
- Just to be on the safe side and prevent any accidents, before you go camping, take a wine cork, attach a hanging pin on it and attach your keys on it. This will help your keys float in case you accidentally drop them in the lake.
- Starting a fire when going camping can be challenging. But you can fix it with this little trick. Take some cotton pads and coat them with Vaseline. Then place them in a sealable bag and you are ready to go.
- If you would like to create your own candle without having a candle wax. Don't worry because we show you the way. You can do that by half-filling a metal tin with vegetable oil. Then cover it on top with some kitchen foil and cut a small cross in the middle for your candle wick. Then, place your candle wick through and you are all set.

Watch our whole video to see all of our amazing hacks we show you that will make your camping time a lot more enjoyable and easier. We show you how to turn a bag into our apron, how to easily cook jacket potatoes in foil and even how to do your own washing machine to do your laundry

00:50 Easy trick to separate garbage everywhere
03:32 Shower in the forest
05:54 No air pump to pump a mattress We've got it covered!
08:36 Camping washing machine
11:33 How to cook popcorn on the open fire
13:32 Smart hack to keep matches dry
14:35 Soap hack to save some space in your backpack

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