6 days solo bushcraft - canvas lavvu, bow drill, spoon carving, Finnis

6 days solo bushcraft - canvas lavvu, bow drill, spoon carving, Finnish axe

6 days alone on the west coast of Denmark - two camps in the forest and one in the open land. Open the full video description for more information.


Some of the most asked quistions:

1.Where did you get the food
Bought before the trip and brought along.

2. How does the meat not spoil
It is the cold season. I do nothing, just keep it in the backpack. Most meat can stay fresh a week with no problem here doing the cold season.

3. Who is recording
I am alone and just recording myself. One camera on a tripod I move around and 10 spare camera batteries.

4. What did you consume
Water, spruce tea and hot chocolate. Chicken and cow.

5. How heavy is you backpack
About 25 kilos including the food and camera gear.

6. What kind of stick did you use to make fire
Ferro rod.

7. What about predators
No problem, nobody need to take any precautions here. No bears, only a few wolfs. You can risk a fox or a bird take your food - but haven't happened to me yet on this location.

8. What knife and axe are you using
Homemade puukko knife, mora 106 carving knife, unknown finnish collared axe, homemade carving axe.

9. Who made the sweater
Unknown, just from a local thrift shop.


Location: Denmark - previous viking country. West coast of Jutland - sand, big sea, spruce and pine forrest. Some of the most remote in Denmark, but a lot of people in Denmark so limited how remote it can get. A lot of birds and deer. No bears only a few wolves - nothing dangerous for campers. If you want to do the same in Denmark do you need to be the owner or get the owners permission.


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