Adjustable Disc Sander and Miter Gauge for a Lathe

Adjustable Disc Sander and Miter Gauge for a Lathe

You can find lot's of disc sander solutions on the web, but this one is different! If you have a lathe and don't want to buy a separate spinning thingy which eats up your space and empty's your briefcase this is the perfect solution for you! My lathe is From the same Far-East company which makes most 10" lathes, so this will fit them all. I wanted to go for the biggest sanding surface that is possible so that i can flatten the bowls,and segmented rings that fit my lathe.

This project is inspired by Paoson Woodworking. If you don't have a Lathe or a Disc sander check out Paoson Woodworking over here:
He builds amazing stuff with limited tools!

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