Antique Saw Blade Sharpener [Restoration]

Antique Saw Blade Sharpener [Restoration]

This tool restoration was mostly aesthetic and partially functional. The tool is a Minute Saw Filer made by the A.F. Geisinger MFG. Co. in the 1920s. It was mainly used to sharpen circular saw blades on trimmer saws. Trimmer saws were small table saws used by printers to trim printing plates so they would fit in a printing press. It was $25 USD in 1922, which is about $350 USD in 2017.

The saw sharpener was covered in random black paint on top of it's original green paint as had some rust on it. I decided not to polish the brass plate up too much as I really do like the look of brass patina. Generally, in the restoration world, polishing brass is blasphemy.

It was difficult to figure out how this machine works as the patent documents do not explain it very well. The main arbor and threaded nut needed to be moved to match the patent documents and a cone shaped metal piece was added to ensure the tool can work with a variety of saw blade arbor sizes. I could see myself using this on modern carbide-tipped blades if I can find a triangular diamond file and a blade without an anti-kickback design.

Check out the original patent here:

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