Bombproof Shop Storage - Modular Miter Saw Station Base

Bombproof Shop Storage - Modular Miter Saw Station Base

It's been a year in the making, the final piece to the puzzle for the miter saw station is complete!!!
► Excruciatingly detailed build plans are available here:
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This miter saw station base is designed to be used as the base to my Modular Miter Saw Station ( or as a stand-alone workbench and storage unit. Each unit is 3' wide and can be added or subtracted depending on how much room you want to each side of your saw, or how much storage you need. This could also be easily divided up into smaller units. The drawers are extra deep for tons of storage, supported by 28" full extension drawer slides. The vertical drawers can be adjusted even easier, just by changing the width of the drawer fronts.

The set of vertical drawers that live below where my miter saw is located are the focal point of the cabinet. These were made to be a go-to location for my most used electric and pneumatic hand tools. They are easy to grab because they are grouped by category and each of the vertical drawers can be rearranged to fit different or changing stocks of tools.

PureBond plywood is my go-to for hardwood plywood! Exclusively available at Home Depot in store and on their website! Request a free sample of PureBond Plywood shipped directly to your door:

■ 3/4" birch plywood:
■ 1/2" birch plywood:
■ 1/4" birch plywood:
■ Full build article:

Plans, stickers, t-shirts, etc:

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