Carving a Giant 'Bootprint' from Reclaimed Wood

Carving a Giant 'Bootprint' from Reclaimed Wood

You know what they say about Jackman Sized bootprints...
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Arbortech (power carving tools used in this video)
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Before being separated, the panel that this piece came from was laminated from 57 boards of white/red oak that were reclaimed from horse fencing from a farm in Pennsylvania. The concept for the final piece is that, through power carving with the use of Arbortech Tools, the panel will look like windswept sand with a giant Carolina boot print in the center.

Carved at Maker Faire, the overarching idea behind the design is an interpretation of how the maker movement brings so many different people together who likely wouldn’t interact otherwise. Everyone at Maker Faire is a piece to the bigger puzzle and feeds into that by freely sharing their ideas. It’s about teaming up and working together to create something that is unachievable individually.

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\\\\\ MATERIALS & TOOLS \\\\\
- Reclaimed oak horse fencing
- Wood glue
- Carbon paper
- Waterlox tung oil finish
- Hearing protection
- Dust mask
- ​Thickness planer
- Table saw
- Crosscut sled
- Pipe clamps
- Glue roller bottle
- Screw clamps
- Circular saw
- Jawhorse sawhorse
- Angle grinder
- Arbortech Industrial Woodcarver
- Arbortech Mini Grinder
- Arbortech Mini TURBO
- Arbortech Contour Sander
- Palm router
- Random orbit sander
- Dremel
- Soldering iron with pattern bit

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