Dragon Head wood carving | Made from birch wood by jonasolsenwoodcraft

Dragon Head wood carving | Made from birch wood by jonasolsenwoodcraft

Many of you have been asking me if i could make a dragon head out of wood and you have been heard!

It was personally a pretty daunting project for me, but i am so glad i did it and i am very satisfied with the result!

I said in my prevous videos that i was aiming towards getting one video a week up here on youtube, but i am struggling with sleep deprivation and it does get the best of me at times. However my sleep is slowly getting better and i am gaining more energy to approach projects like this!

I am very excited about the future and i have to again express the gratitude i feel towards everyone of you who has decided to follow me on my art journey. Lets make it epic!

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Tools used:
Bandsaw: Rec BS350 Bandsaw
Dremel: Dremel 3000 (with a flexible shaft attachment)
Merlin2 Mini grinder with a Tungsten Carbide Coarse Disc attached.

Dremel bits:
- 1/4" Inch sanding drum
- 1/2" inch sanding drum
- Fine diamond bur

Liberon Finishing oil

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