Format Tablesaw

Format Tablesaw

Video of a Shop-built wooden European style Format Tablesaw with Sliding Table.

Motor: 2,2kW (3hp), 2800rpm
Blade dia. is 10" (25,4cm), 5/8" arbor hole. Tilts 45° to the right
Twin V-belts and Pulleys turn the Blade at 3500 rpm
Rip capacity: 860mm
Crosscut capacity: 570mm (using the small Fence on the Sliding Table with blade full up)
Crosscut capacity: 1040mm (using the large Fence on the Outrigger Table with blade full up)
Max depth of cut a 90º: 70mm
Overall size: L 1000mm x W 1300mm x H 950mm (without the Outrigger Table)
Overall size: L 1000mm x W 1910mm x H 950mm (with the Outrigger Table)
Integral Dust Collection (with Thien Separator and vacuum cleaner motor)
Retractable Wheels
Length of Sliding Table: 1000mm
Sliding Table travel: 1040mm

A different kind of shop-built machine which mimics the style and most features of last-generation tablesaws designed and built in Europe.

The design we present here has a simple and efficient type of construction evolved from past experience. Except for a couple of parts, only standard tools and readily available materials are required to build it.
There are three items that set this saw apart:

1. A true Sliding Table. Easy to build, it works quite well and has all the necessary adjustments incorporated.

2. The Saw Blade travels vertically using an innovative mechanism The main advantage, as compared with basculating mechanisms, is the extremely simple addition of a true Riving Knife.

3. An integral Dust Collecting System based on a Thien Separator. It has a line-up of blast gates to control five pick-up points. It uses a shop vac motor and has a generous sized easily accesible dust bin.

An Outrigger Table supported by a Telescopic Arm can be included increasing the crosscut capabilities for handling large panels.

Stay tuned for plans and future videos with more construction and feature details.

For images of the building process you may want to have a look at:

Here is the link to a third video about the tools used to build the Format Tablesaw:

Building a saw like this one is perfectly possible with the plans and instructions we supply. If you are interested please visit our website

Héctor and André

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