Full Building of a Custom Goodall Guitar

Full Building of a Custom Goodall Guitar

Welcome to the day-by-day video recording of a beautiful Goodall guitar being constructed over a five week build period. In this long version recording you will see and hear how these master luthiers handcraft world class instruments. You will gain an appreciation for the quality, craftsmanship and fine details revealed in this video.

Narration voice-over is by James Goodall and Luke Goodall. Background music is performed by fine musicians playing their Goodall guitar models.

Goodall Guitars, committed to acoustic excellence since 1972.

All music used with permission, thanks to Doug, Axel, Steve, Jeff, and Alex. You can find out more about them on their official web sites:

Doug Smith - http://www.dougsmithguitar.com

Axel Schultheiss - http://www.axelschultheiss.de

Steve Davison - http://www.stevedavison.com

Jeff Peterson - http://jeffpetersonguitar.com/site/

Alex de Grassi - http://www.degrassi.com

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