Girls Room Renovation

Girls Room Renovation

This week I continue with my renovation of the playroom that is converting to a bedroom.

I started by drawing a hexagon 17" high on foam board and cutting it out with my razor. The rest of the products I used are the following:

2' Task Force level
1.41" Frog Tape
Behr Premium Color Sample - Flat - Deep Base (not tinted)
Behr Premium Satin in 120B-6 Watermelon Pink
Behr Premium Satin color matched to Valspar 1001-3B Purple Phantom
Behr Premium Satin color matched to Panton 16-4728 Peacock Blue
These were the darkest shades I used. To get the lighter shades, I mixed with Behr Satin Ultra Pure White paint. The middle shades were in a ratio of 2:1 color to white. The lightest colors were at the very least 1:1. The pink and blue took a bit more white to lighten up.

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