HomeMade lathe - compilation, start to finish (torno casero)

Building a homemade lathe, from start to finish, from only the items already found in my shop. i honestly thought it was going to be a bit more difficult, i knew i had a few things lying around to build a lathe with but i was not 100% sure i would be able to do it strictly with the items i could find already in the shop. i did not have any idea what the finished lathe would look like because it was an improvised design based on whatever i could get a hold of. no one is more surprised than i am that such a lathe would not only be possible but would work so nicely!

this video is compiled from "homemade lathe" parts 1-4 but i edited out all of the intros and sign offs to shorten it. are you planning on building a lathe I have built a few but they were quite technical. i thought it would be interesting to build a lathe ONLY from the parts that are already in my shop. i should have tried this sooner as i had no idea how much stuff i had laying around, nor that i actually had enough to do the job!

this lathe was born from the need to turn a few tool handles, except that i didn't have a lathe small enough to do it. obviously the little lathe is for woodturning and wood turning only. i would not attempt to turn anything other than wood on this little lathe. and actually the lathe is really only intended to do spindle turning.

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