Homemade Quick Release Vice

Homemade Quick Release Vice

The vice is finished and it works fantastic, I couldn't be happier. As you may have seen in the first video the mechanism works wonderfully and just as well when fitted to the finished vice.

This is my 50th video and also the longest (I hope it isn't too long). I really can't believe I've uploaded that many, it feels like I'm still finding my feet!!

The whole project worked out very well with few hiccups. The only thing that concerned me before going into the build was whether I would be able to get the guide rails parallel but I needn't have worried as they turned out fine. So if you do make one for yourself this is the main point to get right. There is a little binding at one point but minimal and I'm certain that it'll bed in. I don't want to dwell on it as it really is nothing but it's near the end of the travel and it will be rare that I ever open the vice that far anyhow.

I forgot to mention the capacity with jaws open fully, it's 40cm or 15 3/4", that was determined by the length of threaded rod I had. If the vice wasn't happy at that size opening I would've cut the rod and guide rails shorter but it seems fine as is.

As always I'm happy to answer any questions.

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