Homemade Router Table & Table Saw

Homemade Router Table & Table Saw

A versatile, easy-to-make Router and Saw table for small workshops. It includes all kinds of custom accessories that make work easier. It also has a space to keep all these accessories organized and handy.

More info and plans:

Where to get some materials and tools used in this project:
Circular Saw and Accessories: http://bit.ly/2vvcLcj
Clampling Collar Router: http://bit.ly/2Op7dqZ
Jig Saw and Accessories: http://bit.ly/2M80WmK
Drill Press Stand: http://bit.ly/2AVahcv
Drill Bits and Router Bits: http://bit.ly/2M8sqbl
Threaded Inserts and Screws: http://bit.ly/2ASnUJm
Spray Adhesive and Glue: http://bit.ly/2KGv17H
Sander and Sandpaper: http://bit.ly/2M2pzRQ
2 Position ON/OFF Switch/Emergency: http://bit.ly/2OW3rX9
T-Track and Accessories: http://bit.ly/2AX0inc
Drills & Accessories: http://bit.ly/2KFpj5F
Angle Grinder & Accessories: http://bit.ly/2KFqZMv
Drill Sanding Drums: http://bit.ly/2M8Iwmd


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