Homemade Tail Vice

Homemade Tail Vice

After deciding to make a homemade tail vice, I started doing research and I came across the HNT Gordon tail vice. Man, that is a beautiful vice! I decided I was going to try to make something similar but obviously not as stunning. I always look out for anything with threads that could be handy and I picked up a $4 car jack from the oppy for this project. Other than that I used scraps that I had at hand.
The only downside is the screw turns anti clockwise to clamp the workpiece rather than clockwise, I didn't think about this until halfway through the project. Ideally a left hand thread would have been nice. Although I've found that I'm using the vice from the front of the workbench where I'm working on my workpiece, so I'm not looking directly at the end of the knob, making a clockwise/anti clockwise motion less obvious. The knob is more of a roller with a forwards/backwards motion. With the little I've used it I've found I'm already getting used to it.
I know I could have saved myself the hassle and just bought one but this is what I enjoy doing - making my own things. It's like a puzzle that needs figuring out and that's what I enjoy. I'm sure not many would bother making a project like this but it may spark some ideas for your own projects.

I'm pretty sure the drawers for under the workbench should be my next video! And I'm thinking of making a leg vice, like Jay Bates with the scaffold screw but so far I'm struggling to get hold of one. I found some on eBay at a great price $16 but they wanted $26 to post it. I need to find one locally or I will have to just pay the postage.

I hope you enjoy the video and as always I'm happy to answer any questions.

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