IMPOSSIBLE Screw in a Block of Wood! (here's how it's done)

IMPOSSIBLE Screw in a Block of Wood! (here's how it's done)

A few months ago, I came across Seamster's Instructable Impossible Nail in Wooden Block. I thought it was really cool, and knew I had to make one!

You show it to people. They look at it, look at it more, flip it around... Wha...HOW

And then you show them!

Many times I see, or think of projects, and don't make them immediately since I'm busy working on other stuff. They can stay in my list of projects for months. Every couple weeks something might remind of the project, and while thinking about it, a random idea for improving it might pop into my head.

After a few months, I can end up with a long list of modifications for the original idea. It's what I call good procrastination. I'm probably not the only one, but this is where many if not most of the project ideas that I'm proud of the most have come from.

For example, in this project, I didn't want to use a nail. I also thought of using a bolt, screw, or an old drill bit.

Out of nowhere, I also had the idea that since wood will always break or split only from one side of end-grain to the other (think of how an axe is used). I thought that breaking the piece of wood vertically makes much more sense than horizontally. It's simpler to break (especially for a smaller sized puzzle like mine. Think locket-sized for a necklace!), easier to glue both parts together, and easier to drill and screw in the screw.

To do that, all I needed to do was flip the orientation of the board! If you look closely, you'll see that Sam's puzzle has side grain on the top, so the break line will be horizontal. To make mine break vertically, I would need to make it have end-grain on the top.

I think my way just makes more sense. If you have a better way of explaining this, please comment below!

In this video, I will show you my take on how to make the impossible screw in a block of wood! (I decided to put a screw in my block of wood, but it can easily be modified for use with a nail, bolt, or anything else.)

The Instructable includes detailed instructions, a full parts/materials and tools list, high quality pictures, and more!)


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