Making a Dovetail Saw

Making a Dovetail Saw

In this video I make a dovetail saw from scratch. I used an old cheap saw and filed all the teeth down and made them myself.

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The template for the handle and the teeth can be found here:

At the begining of the video when I'm filling the saw plate flat you can see some deep cuts in the back of the saw. That is because I tried using the Paul Sellers method to cut the teeth but the saw plate is too hard to cut using a hacksaw.

I used two pieces of 3mm thick brass and I filed a groove in them so that they would sandwich the plate and be flush at the top. The scraper that you see in the video is the one I made really quickly using a piece of carbide that I was able to bevel roughly using an angle grinder with a diamond wheel.

The saw plate was so hard that I had to use carbide masonry drill bit to drill through it.

The wood for the handle is oak.

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