Making an awl for 25¢ | DIY

Making an awl for 25¢ | DIY

Easiest way possible to make a marking awl.
Quick and easy project to spend some good time with my lates!
The awl is a very handy tool to mark or pierce holes in wood and leather and for many other application that require a long and pointy tool. I used the other one I have very often in the shop.

Using a large needle for the spike seems very convenient because it's already the right shape, made of hardened steel and can be replaced very easily if it ever breaks. Also extremely cheap, I bought the four pack of needles you see in the video for only 1€.

Index of operation and materials:

0:05 Turning ferrule out of a scrap piece of brass round stock. Holes size based on needle and stock size, definitely not critical.
1:52 Tapering the top side of the ferrule just for aesthetic
2:50 Turning wood handle. After breaking the top part two times in a row I shaped most of the handle before taking that part to size.
5:45 Glueing the ferrule with ca glue
6:00 Refining transition between ferrule and handle and sanding up to 400 grit
6:32 Sealing the wood with ca glue
6:45 Finishing with sandpaper up to 1200 grit
7:04 Cutting excess with band saw
7:20 Sanding the bottom to shape with 2x72 belt grinder
7:43 Drilling hole in the wood for the needle
8:05 Shearing the eye of the needle
8:17 Press fitting
8:20 White mineral oil as final finish for the wood

Thanks a lot for watching, I hope you liked the video!
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