Making Floating Coffe Table With Epoxy & TIPS

Making Floating Coffe Table With Epoxy & TIPS

In this video you can see how I've built floating coffee table with epoxy top.I had an idea to use acrylic glass as a main support to give that floating aperance.
The most tricky part of floating coffee table was probably how to make acrylic glass smooth and transparent on the edges.

For that I experimenting with sanding with my small orbital sander. I started with 360gr and all up to 2000gr. From 800gr up in cut circles out from sheath sanding paper to fit my 4" sander and glue them on existing old sandpaper with hook loop attachment.

And it worked super great.
Acrylic glass I glued with transparent silicone glue.

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Recently I was contacted by cutting tools supplier if I'm interested in testing some of their blades. After some consideration I decided to give it a go and I test it in full before I posted this video.
They offer good quality sawblades at affordable prices.
They offer worldwide shipping too .
In this video i was using fine chroosut sawblade with 120 tooth.

Here is the link to their website:

(P.S I'm not sponsored by these retailer nore I'm receiving any sells commission's.

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