Making Kururin: Rolling sticks! (traditional and weighted fidget toy)

Two ways to make Kururin rolling sticks. The first one is the more traditional solid Maple. The second is weighted on the ends to give it a more gentle roll. The Kururin is as much a game of skill as it is a fidget toy. This project is highly recommended!

Just to clarify, the blue rolling stick at the beginning is different from the one shown in the later scenes. The second one is a refinement of the process after many tries. Its rolling action is incredibly smooth and balanced.

Shoe/pad: the ideal traction-foot seems to be the foam. Conveniently, it is also readily available. Rubber feels too hard, and thin silicone is too difficult to attach. I had also considered chamois and cork, but availability and expense were factors. Of the things we've tried, hot glue works second-best.

A note on operation: a smooth roll requires a smooth surface and a smooth Kururin. Clean glass or granite are the best surfaces, and the stick should be well-sanded and oiled to reduce friction. The featured blue stick had around three coats of Teak oil to give it that silky shine. Taking your time with crafting it will greatly enhance your ability. I still can't believe how well the (new) blue one works. I also can't believe how much I've improved!


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