Making Wooden Threads - Homemade Tap and Screw Box

Making Wooden Threads - Homemade Tap and Screw Box

Ever since making a tap and die a couple of years ago to make 1" threads I've always wanted to make bigger threads. I made the die for that one from a nut with the cutting edges filed into it, with this new one I make a screw box with a homemade cutter. The nut for the scaffold screw is a very sloppy fit so that wouldn't work as a die because the screw that would be made with it would end up too thick and wouldn't fit the nut made from the tap.

Recently when I made my leg vice I used a scaffold levelling screw which I couldn't find locally so I had to order one online, they were cheap at $16 but the shipping was nearly $25 alone, so I ordered two and that came to $60 all up. I thought the other one would come in handy for another project. Then I thought if I could make a wooden thread from that I could use them on all sorts of projects. In the past I've made barstools with an adjustable height seat (photos on Instagram). They would be good for vices too and my wife has put in an order for a bunch of them for the kids to play with.

I don't go into too much detail with the annealing, hardening and tempering but there is plenty of info on the subject that can be found with a search. I'm no expert but I've done this process around half a dozen times and it's always worked out well even though I'm probably not doing things to their full potential.

A screw box is normally used by clamping the dowel and turning the box on it but I liked using it the other way around - either way works. :)

I hope you enjoy the video and as always I'm happy to answer any questions.

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