Norwegian Post and Beam Building -Stavlaft-

Norwegian Post and Beam Building -Stavlaft-

This film follows the production of a variation of the building style know in Norway as "Stavlaft" . It differs from normal because it is free standing, while it would be more usual to be in connection with a log house (laftehus). The horizontal beams are therefor on the same level not stepped, resulting in an unconventional form of cogging (Laft). There is a lot of detail in the film, of the handwork with axe and chain saw, while the roof construction, being more straight forward is documented with photos. Notice the wall planks are retained by channels in the beams (dado) and not nailed, and then boards are sandwiched between the outer and inner paneling to mitigate the need for wind-braces.

This Film is not a "how to", DO NOT attempt any of the chainsaw work you see in this film without proper instruction. Plunge cutting and low chain-speed work is the most dangerous way of using a chainsaw and though it may look easy bear in mind I do this for a living and have done, off and on, since 1994.

©Lucas Richard Stephens / Bono 2017

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