Tony Stark Style Coffee Table / Making Coffee Table

Coffee Table based on my previous floating coffee table design. Making coffee table for a friend of mine.

When he saw my original floating table that I made fev months ago he wanted the exact same coffee table.
After some discussion we final had an mutual agreement and this is what I came up with. I imagine that Tony Stark wouldn't mind to have one too :-)

This coffee table took me around one week to make working fev hrs at the time. Coffee table top is made out our Slovenian Maple and it"s 38mm thick.
For the base I went with sapele mahogany to achieve that contrast in colors.

Main support is Acrylic glass 32mm thick.

I added those sapele "rings" so when you're looking coffee table from the angle it looks like the whole table is floating it the air.
The most tricky part was gluing those pieces to the Acrylic glass.

Pieces needed to be aligned simeyrical to each other and I had to be careful not to spil some glue on the Acrylic glass.
For that I use tube with a long needle so I could reach tight spaces.

Unfortunately the last clip where you can see LEDs turned on is not the best quality regarding to room lightning and the effect of LEDs is not that well visible but with blue LED light this coffee table really shines.

New owner is very happy with his new coffee table.

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All graphic done by CARMEN LAPIN/fotoperioda -Graphic Designer


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