Top 10 Incredible Cardboard Videos in The World

Top 10 Incredible Cardboard Videos in The World

10.How to Make Coin Bank House and Secret Case from Cardboard
How to Make Personal House Saving Coin. This is my personal coin bank. It's really cute and lovely house. I can saving my coin with this bank house. I hope everyone like this video. Thank you for watching!!
9.DIY How to Make Magic Box
Easiest way to make magic box, You can add more effects that you like, you just need - Cardboard - Mirror - ice cream stick
8.DIY How to Make KFC McDonald's and Burger King Vending Machine
Homemade Cardboard Vending Machine that gives a KFC McDonald's and Burger King. This realistic vending machine is made at home using cardboard. It holds 7 KFC and 9 McDonald's and 3 Burger King at once but very easy to increase capacity as required.
7.DIY How to make Washing Machine from Cardboard
Best way to make small washing mahine at home from cardboard.
6.How to Make Candy Machine from Cardboard
Easiest way to make a candy machine at home you just need cardboard sheets, two rubber band, two long or 4 small wooden sticks, with hot glue gun and with a cup of NESCAFE
5.How to Make a Pencil Sharpener Machine out of Cardboard for School
How to make a PENCIL Sharpener MACHINE out of cardboard for SCHOOL | DIY AT HOME - DAH which is simple and Easy to make Science Project for kids to enjoy and have fun making by yourself
4.DIY - How to Make Power Bank from Cardboard
Making special Power Bank at home you just need cardboard lights 9v battery and cocacola to increase the power of powerbank.
3.DIY How to Make Safe with Combination Lock from Cardboard
How to Make Safe with Combination Lock from Cardboard
For this project you need cardboard, glue gun and few wooden sticks. That's all! Follow instruction in this video if you want to repeat or just watch and enjoy :)
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2.DIY How to Make a Pringles Dispenser Machine from Cardboard
In this video you will see How to make a Pringles Dispenser - Using Cardboard.
This is really awesome project totally made at home.
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1.How to Make a Robotic Arm at Home out of Cardboard
incredible idea
Learn: How to Make Robotic Arm with 5 fingers

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