Two Stools From One Log! || Indoor Chainsaw Carving, Dewalt Flexvolt T

Two Stools From One Log! || Indoor Chainsaw Carving, Dewalt Flexvolt Test

Two Stools, One log, No cup.

I got this DeWalt Flexvolt chainsaw because the thought of indoor chainsaw carving in the winter tickled my fancy. I watched a video of John Heisz carving a stool out of a log ( and realized you could get two stools out of a single log if you were careful with your cuts.

The log is Larch, also known as Tamarack.

I roughed them out with a fresh chainsaw blade and switched to a 60 grit flapper disk on my angle grinder. I initially tried a wire wheel, but it wasn't removing enough material. I rounded over and smoothed out the whole stool, concaved one stool and convexed the other.

I baked the stools in my oven for about an hour each at 170C. This did two things... actually three. First, it dried out the wood. It was very wet. Second, it crystalized the sap so it doesn't leak everywhere. Third, it made my house smell amazing!

For the finish I used my new go to, Watco Danish oil. It soaks deep into the wood and cures so the wood is protected but isn't left with a nasty shiny coating. I polished the tops with a little Briwax for added protection.

I wanted them to look like old stools with a lot of character, so I just eyeballed the general shape. I know the legs look weak, but even at the thinnest part it's still over and 1.5" thick. Plenty strong enough to put up with regular abuse. It's more likely that the seats will check and break in half before the legs break off.

If they break I will simply fix them. It's that simple.

Check out all the tools I used below and if you have any questions I didn't answer here feel free to ask them.

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