Using an Electric Hand Plane - Beginners #24

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Electric hand planes are great little tools, in this video we show how to use them
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Hand planes have been used forever in woodworking, only in recent years have electric versions come available. We see these used more often in carpentry and house construction and even are very popular in home renovation for their quick work on warped wood. Fine woodworkers use these on occasion but they are not a substitute for a jointer or a thickness planer. Beginner woodworkers may think an electric hand plane is a good way to get boards flat and straight without having to invest in a jointer, unfortunately they are not. Owing to their short length these tend to follow the contour of the wood, which is why jointers are so long, to help flatten out the wood. Still, these little woodworking tools have a place but for fine woodworking sometimes a better choice might be a Veritas Plane from Lee Valley or Lie-Nielsen Plane if fine work is what you are trying to achieve.