Wooden boat Laminated white oak hard chine installation. SDP 42

Wooden boat Laminated white oak hard chine installation. SDP 42

We still battle cold temperatures but all the bilge stringers are fitted, although it has been to cold to epoxy them in place. So we moved on to chine installation on the starboard side.

This is this is the story of a complete boat owning and boat building novice and his family, constructing a 41’ full displacement trawler yacht in the backyard of their upstate New York home. While I consider myself a fairly advanced amateur woodworker and DIY guy, I’ve never owned a boat before and certainly have never built one either.

The naval architect, George Buehler, designed this boat, from his Diesel Duck line, with the home builder in mind. This design has been licensed for professional builders in China and Turkey, but George’s goal was always to make the large, blue water cruising boat within the reach of the average person.

His commitment to a design that was attainable for the average handy person, resulted in his first book, Buehlers Backyard Boat Building, detailing the process. His designs often include building materials and fasteners available at the big box home improvement stores.

George believed that a robust, comfortable and safe cruising boat could be built with less than ideal, traditional materials. While he acknowledge that less than ideal materials may limit the vessels longevity and resale value, his design would get people safely out on the water while the other guy remained landlocked saving for a design he would never be able to afford to build.

Many traditionalist scoff at his mostly hard chined designs and deviation from traditional methods and materials. However his maverick approach has made the dream of crossing oceans in a home built boat a reality for many around the world. No matter what the “experts” say, his designs have been proven over and over with literally hundreds of examples cruising the worlds oceans today.

Our goal is to be next!

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